Physician Relations


Physician Recruitment
Manpower studies which reflect the unique culture of your hospital and market

New Physician and Family Orientation
Comprehensive approach involving leaders, their families and the community to welcome new physicians.

Physician Retention
Disciplined focus to enhance communication with physicians to provide positive, meaningful and transparent information. Processes will recognize leadership and contributions as well as lifestyle benefits available to physicians, extenders and their families.
Physician-Hospital Relations is a fluid process of communication within the dynamic environment of healthcare, whether it be within a hospital, urgent care center, ambulatory surgical business, clinic or other more specialized service areas. Transactions which occur within these environments often define the type of relationships they share, (ie: owner, partner, employer-employee, board member). Increasing complexity, federal mandates to bundle charges and services, drastic changes in payor requirements lead to emotionally charged environments which can be well-served by SAGE Healthcare Collaborative meeting with all concerned to assist in developing a collaborative working relationship.

Physician Relations Turnaround is a special program provided by SAGE and describes a once divisive relationship ultimately turned collaborative through focused, committed leadership. A Physician Relations and Retention program must be all-encompassing and involve all individuals, with formal and informal relationships with physicians, within the hospital.

Marie de Martinez, is a hospital administrator and trained mediator with special emphasis in healthcare mediation. She has developed expertise in the three primary aspects of healthcare; hospital operations, physician practices and public health administration. As a long time consultant to the Nebraska Medical Association, she wrote policy statements and advised physician executives in public opinion and policy development. A hospital executive for 22 years, she has an insider’s appreciation for the operational complexities of critical access, acute regional referral and specialty hospitals in rural and urban settings.

As an expert in organizational communications, Ms. de Martinez created the “Physician-Board Roundtable” to address issues of potential conflict by bringing medical staff and board members together to spell out their specific agendas. Facilitated by de Martinez, these areas of contention are heard not only by their peers, but also those with differing viewpoints, wants and needs. The “Roundtable” has been extremely successful in leading to solutions which are addressed collaboratively, before divisive or destructive interactions ensue.

Ms. de Martinez was named Nebraska Healthcare Administrator of the Year 2005 by the Nebraska ACHE.