Medical Practice Administration

More than ever before in the business of medicine, significant change in all aspects of running a clinic or clinics, requires thoughtful action at on rapid pace.
Advances in technology and patient communication, web-based expectations from patients, and time-limited documentation requirements by payor sources combine to increase the complexity of clinic operations. CMS requirements in bundled charges, electronic health records and payment contingent on best practice conformity require attention and rapid action.

New operational requirements and collaboration with competitors and related entities demands positive action-oriented administrative leadership.

SAGE can help you create strategies for action, with clear objectives to keep you on task to achieve practice goals. We can help you develop and manage new initiatives with measureable, time-limited tasks and follow-up deadlines and measures. The addage “if it isn’t measurable, it isn’t manageable” holds true for our approach to ensuring what we say we’ll do is accomplished. We’ll apply the same expectations to plans we create for your office to carry on the work we’ve initiated on your behalf.
Our expertise lies in developing management tools to help with clinic administration to understand and improve the business aspects of the clinic;
-Creating information management reports which track the progress of processes and outcomes identified as new or needing improvement through the strategic planning process.
Revenue cycle management – billing processes and time expectations for A/R. If your billing is outsourced you should still understand the process involved, know exactly what is said to your patients, interpret reports and determine improvements you require of your contractor. You should also request that your contractor provide educational updates to your staff regarding changes in the law and in their recovery processes as a result.
–Our focus on human resources management – captures the strengths of your employees individually and as a group. Combining the strengths ‘in-house’ with clear processes, functions and expectations will support team building, change management, and patient satisfaction and physician relations
–Promotions – Maintaining your patient base while increasing the number of new referrals is a balancing challenge, and is approached simultaneously by SAGE consultants. Working with physicians and existing patients, the resulting plan produces a growing practice based on positive existing relationships. Combine this with focused marketing and advertising activity, evaluated on a quarterly basis, this produces comprehensive marketing plan.