Strategic Planning

The pace of the hospital and healthcare system operations continues to gain momentum in every critical area of management. Creation, measurement and management of strategic action relies heavily on the knowledge, wisdom and flexibility of those charged with conducting processes/activities associated with the strategic plan, and in keeping those who are most responsible for achieving the plan informed about progress in all aspects of the plan.

Strategic planning leadership will involve administration, medical staff, management and community representatives. The plan foundation will be based on medical staff needs, specific service utilization, cost, history and projections, overall market position, impending CMS and other payor changes in formula and amounts, intelligence regarding competitors and sensitivity to the current and future service area. Once the basics are laid out, innovation planning and service delivery changes such as new businesses and collaborations are explored. We recommend including potential collaborators early in development of new services, in discussions specifically designed to address these issues.

As the plan comes together, is approved and implemented, knowing how information will be updated, who will ‘manage the process must be a focus moving forward. We suggest a plan is not yet complete until its management and progress reporting and how it is reported to the board has been defined.

SAGE can work with your current plan on an update, or start by creating a new plan. We will write the plan, edit and design reports which fit the culture of the board and requirements of administration. SAGE will design a system of communicating progress to all pertinent sources and delineating what has been accomplished, what is left to do for each specific strategic. The system will consider the medical and healthcare culture how to best revise the plan on predictable cycle.

We have a combined 40+ years of experience in strategy development and will produce a plan which is created specifically for your organization, reflective of the culture and strategic needs to move your organization forward , and designed so that the strategy employed to reach your goals will be managed, updated and upgraded as progress is made.