Board Development / Advocacy


Board and staff focused retreats based on issues such as;
– Board orientation
– Strategic planning facilitation
– Strategic plan development
– Developing building expansion justification statements
– Medical staff development planning
– Critical conversations
– Orienting new physicians in ‘real time’
– Physician retention strategies
– Foreign physician orientation and retention strategies

Special Projects, determined by your business, based on need for
rapid, objective results. Past projects have included;
-Organizational policy and procedures development
-Systems development education
-Board development training
-Strategic planning facilitation and training
-Medical staff development plans
-Recruitment function development
-Physician and other healthcare provider education regarding utilization of specific therapeutic regimens
-Advocacy program/process development
-New clinic business plans, implementation and start-up
-Specialty service creation (planning through operations)
-Marketing planning, implementation and project evaluation
-Focus groups with business impact statements

Executive Coaching based on individual needs. Marie de Martinez, FACHE is a certified executive coach.

Interim administrative/management staffing based on facility need and availability of consultants.