Public Health Administration

The focus of public health is on groups of individuals who we refer to as the general public. The general public can be in small or large communities, cities, counties, regions and states. SAGE Healthcare Collaborative has experience with each of these groups being served by our public health services.

SAGE experts have worked with primary care and specialty physicians across the country determining the best means to communicate benefits for their patients in utilizing specific care regimens. Early detection and prevention activities have been designed, implemented and evaluated by SAGE consultants.

Communication activities including focus groups, direct-mail surveys, face-to-face surveys and survey research have been conducted by SAGE experts to develop the most effective means to communicate and inculcate specific information, in English and Spanish.

We have been involved in; grants administration, engineering of collaborative partnerships between public and private entities, operationalizing and reporting grant activities, evaluation and grant close-out requirements. SAGE has been involved every step of the way representing private entities, public entities and in creating partnership among them.

Most recently, principal Marie de Martinez served as Hospital Pandemic Preparedness Coordinator for the State of Nebraska in a consulting capacity. This required developing relationships with federal Region VII funding sources as well as those from the CDC, and HHS to manage federal resources within the state to assure preparedness for 84 hospitals and 39 health departments serving 93 counties. Additional subcontractors included the Public Health Laboratory, University of Nebraska’s Center for Preparedness Education, the only Bio-containment Unit in the country, the Health Professions Tracking Center and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Center for Policy Development.