What We Offer

SAGE was created as a service to hospitals, medical practices, public health and related entities which require assistance with special or focused projects.

SAGE Healthcare Collaborative offers a wealth of experience to serve your organization when you need us, no more, no less.

Competing priorities in the midst of healthcare reform, integration, productivity and quality reporting continue to demand our attention. Leadership and response to daily operations combined with aggressive positioning for the future require representatives from a number of disciplines to create a comprehensive project.
We can serve to ‘fill in’ or to develop and conduct and entire project depending upon your organizations needs. Able to “jump-start” initiatives with experience and commitment, SAGE HealthCare Collaborative will develop the project for you, initiate services during development or retool programs and processes. Depth in physician-hospital relationships, strategic planning, business start-up, operations and quality improvement will provide you with a solid foundation with hard-wired operational processes, to then be managed by your organization.

Our expertise in healthcare leadership, physician-hospital relationships and communication management is used to augment your talent pool to move a project along faster, or to simply do it for you.

SAGE: one venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom. Our practice is built on the belief that astute leadership inspires success. SAGE offers the benefit of triumphs and struggles gained through decades of experience, knowledge, commitment and collaboration. We are uniquely experienced in Physician Transactions, Hospital and Clinic Administration and Operations, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Legislation and Advocacy, Public Health Administration, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.


Marie de Martinez, MA, FACHE Principal
Senator Michael R. Gloor, MHA, MS, FACHE Consultant

Francine Sparby, MS, BSN, Nursing and Quality Leadership Consultant
A. Kathy Morse, RN, MD, FACP Consultant
Carol Jess, Marketing/Public Relations/Advertising Consultant
Michael Jess, MS Consultant